Frequently Asked Questions

When should a monument be purchased?​

Monuments and markers can be pre-ordered as a means of ensuring that your wishes, or those of a loved one, are carried out. It can also lighten the burdens placed on children and family members once someone has passed. 


If a loved one has passed and has not pre-ordered a monument or marker, you can begin the design process after the burial. 

How much do monuments and markers cost?

We have found that most people are not  familiar with the cost of a monument. There are many options available and pricing depends on size, finish and materials. 

Granite Monuments start at $1,350

Grass Markers start at $650

For custom monuments to be priced we would need to have a consultation to determine a cost.  Cost depend on color, size, add-ons, laser etchings, etc.  

Cost includes concrete foundation, lettering, installation and sales tax. 

When is payment due?

We ask that half of the total cost is paid once you approve the drawing of your monument or marker.  The remaining half is due once the monument has been set at the cemetery. 


We accept cash, check or credit card as means of payment. 

Will I see a proof of the monument before it is created?

Yes.  You will be presented with a scaled drawing of your monument to approve prior to it being created. 

How long does it take for a monument to be created and set?

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you can expect the process to take 6-8 weeks. We strive for the shortest length of time possible, however, unique, custom monuments can take longer depending on the complexity and availability of the granite.  

Is a foundation required?

Yes.  All cemeteries require a foundation installed 3′ deep due to the frost line. 

How are the designs put on the stone?

Designs can be added by being carved or etched onto the stone depending on what you choose.  

Lettering is sandblasted into the stone. 

Who maintains my monument or marker?

Any maintenance to the monument or marker is the responsibility of the family.  The cemetery does not provide perpetual care of your stone. 

Can I hire Mahar Monuments to add lettering or clean a monument or marker if I didn't purchase it from you?

Yes, we will be happy to letter and/or clean your stone even if it was not purchased from us.